Karissa’s Fingerless Gloves – free pattern


Last Saturday, I had an idea for a new design: gloves that would leave the very tips of the fingers open for use on touchscreen devices. Crocheting several narrow tubes for the fingers seemed complicated, so I looked for another solution.

I had an idea for a spiral design with openings at different finger heights. The concept wasn’t quite clear in my head, so I decided to test it with some scrap yarn. Since I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on the cuff when I just wanted to check the finger design, I started from just below the thumb.

Here’s what I got:


I liked the funky look of the prototype, but it didn’t have the functionality I wanted: the tips of the fingers were free, but the stems of my fingers didn’t have much wiggle room. I put it down on the coffee table to modify later.

Then my two-year-old sister walked over to investigate. She loves accessories, so she went ahead and tried on the glove. Surprisingly, it fit her! Her thumb went into the pinky hole.


I decided to remake the gloves as simple reversible fingerless gloves for her. One episode of Doctor Who later, Karissa was waving her gloved hands around in joy. She was so happy, she allowed me to take pictures of her.


The pattern is quick and easy, and can be modified for hands of any size. Below is the simple recipe, written in US terms. Or you can download the pattern here: download now

Karissa’s Fingerless Gloves

Gauge and yarn weight are not important in this pattern. I used an aran weight yarn with an H (5.00 mm) hook.

Foundationless single crochet instructions: *Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through first chain, chain 1, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. (one stitch completed).* Repeat from * to * as necessary.

Karissa's Fingerless Gloves Schematic-2

  1. Crochet a chain long enough to snugly fit around the wrist, then chain 3 more. Slip stitch into the first chain.
  2. Single crochet in each chain around. Do not slip stitch into first single crochet. Instead, insert a stitch marker or a scrap of yarn there to mark the beginning of the round.
  3. From here onwards, all stitches are worked into the back loop only unless otherwise specified. Single crochet in each stitch of the previous round. Do not slip stitch into the first stitch of the round. Instead, carry up the stitch marker or scrap yarn from the previous round. Repeat this round until the cuff is as long as desired. The sample shown has 15 rounds.
  4. To increase on the side for the thumb, single crochet 3 in the first stitch of the round, then single crochet in each stitch around as usual. Repeat this row as many times as necessary.
  5. Single crochet in each stitch around, carrying up the stitch marker at the end of the round as in step 3. Repeat this round until you reach the space between your thumb and your forefinger.
  6. Single crochet in the back loop in each stitch around except for the last 3 stitches. Single crochet under both loops of the next stitch. Then execute 1 foundationless single crochet stitches, with the first one anchored in the same stitch as the last single crochet.* Skip the next 5 single crochets**, then single crochet under both loops of the next stitch.
  7. Single crochet in each stitch around, carrying up the stitch marker at the end of the round as in steps 3 and 5. Repeat this round until the gloves are as long as desired.

* If you don’t like foundationless single crochet, just chain 2, then single crochet into each chain in the next round. The thumb hole will look slightly different.

** For a larger thumb hole, skip 7 or 9 single crochets, centered on the first stitch of the last round. For a thicker hand, execute 3 or 4 foundationless single crochets (or chains).

I hope you enjoy this fingerless gloves pattern! If you find any errors or confusing instructions, let me know in the comments below.


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