My First Socks


Fall is finally here, and the nights have been getting more and more chilly. My feet are always freezing!

A few weeks ago, I decided to crochet myself some wool socks. I browsed Ravelry for simple sock patterns and found Julie Willis’ free photo tutorial for Step-by-Step Socks. Then, I bought myself a ball of Serenity Sock Weight yarn.

These socks were quick and easy to make, and the pictures made the pattern extremely easy to follow. The best thing about the pattern is that it gives instructions for customizing the socks to fit your feet perfectly. Another great thing about this pattern is that it takes only one ball of yarn to make a pair of ankle-high socks.

I love my first homemade socks. I put them on the minute I finished them, not even waiting to sew in the ends. (I waited until it was warm enough to take them off.) They have already been through the wash twice, and they still look just as good as when I finished them. I will definitely use both the pattern and the yarn again.


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